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SoccerGolf Comes to RiverRidge…

What is SoccerGolf?

032This is a fun activity for anyone who enjoys soccer! It’s a cross between soccer and golf, uses a regulation size 5 soccer ball and 21-inch-diameter-hole.The object of the game is to advance the ball from the tee box into the hole in the fewest number of kicks! CLICK HERE for SoccerGolf rules. To help us preserve the integrity of our greens and fairways no outdoor soccer cleats please.097

Where is it located?Map

The 9-hole par 36 SoccerGolf course has been integrated into our ShortRidge, par 3 golf course.  Because none of the SoccerGolf holes are placed on the greens,the sport does not affect the quality of the course for our regular golfers playing ShortRidge!