Dear RiverRidge Family,

With great sadness, it is time to say goodbye.  From June 13, 1988 through December 23, 2021, we have seen our little golf course grow and mature into a beautiful park for the general public.  We have also been privileged to have our family grow up and move on…..both the family we’ve been born to and the family we’ve built along the way, like Taco Tuesday. We thank you all for enjoying and being a part of the ride.

God Bless and Always keep doing good things.  All our very best to you.

The Jeffries
–Debbie, Ric, Courtney, Bernie, Isabel, Jordan, Ciji, Rhys, Eileen, Dorothy, Bob & Bunker, Polka-dot, Putter, Purdy, Gray Paws, Pwedge, Ridge, Nibbles, Maui, Bogey, Hazzard, Mulligan.