Get Golf Ready 2: “Get Course Comfortable”

Our “Get Golf Ready 2 (GGR2): Get Course Comfortable” program is designed to teach, in five lessons, everything you’ll need to know to get to YOUR NEXT LEVEL AS A “NAVIGABLE GOLFER” on a golf course with more competence and confidence. GGR2 is guided by our professional staff, who will ensure you have fun each step of the way. The GGR 2 package includes: 1) more in-depth golf instruction on aspects of the game and build on what you already know; 2) Five medium range buckets to use outside of class; 3) One nine-hole round outside of class.

Ages: 16 and up

Tuesdays 6-7PM
Thursdays 6-7PM

Program Dates: September 28th – October 28th