What’s happenin’?

Due to solid tine greens aerification, RiverRidge Golf Course is closed Monday, September 21.  The driving range and Golf Shop will be open as usual.

Solid tine aeration opens the soil without removing a core.  Benefits of Solid Tine Aeration:

  • Improves gas exchange. Solid tine aeration opens the turf, alleviating compaction and allowing efficient gas exchange between the soil and the atmosphere.
  • Minimizes turf damage and downtime. Because no cores are removed, the disturbance to the turf surface is minimal. Best of all, the turf can be used immediately after aeration.
  • Increases surface drainage (infiltration and percolation). Aeration allows water to move freely between plant roots and the environment for vigorous growth.
  • Requires less manpower. Solid tine aeration typically requires less labor, because there’s no need for core removal/processing.

The golf course may remain closed through mid-morning Tuesday.  Thank you for your patience during this necessary process.

Wishing you health and happiness!

Aaron Oakley
RiverRidge Golf & Event Center
(541) 870-9054