Yesterday, we lost a good friend…as with most reflections, we look at what our losses are and how we will miss them. In this case, I’m reminded of the great contribution Bud Wicks made to RiverRidge, the patrons that he greeted daily and to the influence Bud had on the teaching staff and on this golf professional in particular…

Over the years of Bud’s contributions to us, his general conversations were centered on the state of Oregon sports which is interesting considering the ORANGE color of his Mustang…he always maintained it was a shade of red…we know better. His ongoing study of the golf swing in which Bud could break down to a simple communication for all his clients and students was unique. Then there is the way he dressed, always providing the best golf professional look, many times challenging this professional to do better than I did…thank you Bud.

All the typical golf analogies can apply, but those of us privileged enough to know him will miss his genuine interest in those with whom he came in contact. We will miss his laugh, his style but mostly it’s difficult to have an era end.

Thank you Bud for making us all a bit better at our craft and life.

Ric Jeffries